American Snippets is the brainchild ofAuthor & Speaker Barbara Allen and Lifestyle Entrepreneur Dave Brown. We feature stories that will not simply inspire you, but propel you into action in your own life.

Positivity. Possibility. patriotism

Don't Just Be Inspired. Be Exceptional.

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Our mission is to provide a meaningful platform that encourages national pride, promotes the American Dream, emphasizes the upshot of giving back, and supports all who honorably serve. We offer entrepreneurial  guidance, principles on success, and resources in both non-profit and client based capacities, with an emphasis on our shared responsibility to incorporate giving back into our personal and professional lives.

Our guest and their stories are compelling examples of positivity, possibility, and patriotism that can help you get one step closer to living your own American Dream.  

You possess everything it takes to live that life you once imagined for yourself, no matter how far from that life you may believe you are.

Inspiration without action is simply entertainment. Don’t just be inspired and entertained by our guests – let their stories ignite you into action in your own lives.  

Podcast Reviews

What people say?

I can't recommend this podcast enough...Barbara and Dave are phenomenal interviewers and showcase amazing stories that will inspire you beyond belief.
There's so much negativity in our lives today that it's really cool seeing these guys are doing to get more positivity in great stories out into the world. I really enjoy listening.