dear black lives matter

Dear Black Lives Matter

Dear Black Lives Matter, Help me understand. For real…. I want to be a part of the solution to a problem that I have grossly

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dave santia american snippets

Speed Painter Dave Santia

Dave Santia, Speed Painter and Accidental Altruist What happens when art meets altruism? You get Dave Santia! He’s not just an artist. He’s an upside

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vagina hats

Bring Back the Vagina Hats

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss the days when vagina hat protestors were our largest spectacle. Remember when the streets were swarmed

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Barbara Allen is the premier keynote speaker for “Turning Trauma Into Triumph.” Her combination of inspiration, humor, and proven results-oriented strategies add up to an

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Rub Out The Idiocy

Two things that make my skin crawl are kangaroos and the sheer, embarrassing, idiocy sweeping our great nation. While I never thought I’d be faced

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dog taught me

The Dog Who Taught me

I’m glad it hurts. I’m glad my heart is splitting open as a familiar presence takes hold, for the depth of this pain is a

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