Shine On

Used to be I thought children’s tales and fables were just for kids. Yet when I look back now I recognize life lessons craftily concealed

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Adventures in Widowland

Well, That Sucked….

Not all of it. Just the parts where I got my ass kicked over, and over, again in this game of life. Did I want

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Why is Dad so Mad?

      “Why is Dad so Mad?”       PTSD is no joke. And it strikes without a conscience. We are all susceptible

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21 Day Blogging Challenge

How Dog Leashes Helped at Bedtime

“Mommy! Puh-le-ee-eeze Mommy! We don’t want to go to be-eh-hed! Please Mommy!” The quartet’s tormented tune wailed over and over again from behind the catty-cornered

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Chasing your Dream

People laughed when she told them her idea. But she did it anyway. Lynda Roemer was a thirty-something career woman. This bright, polished manager of

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defending the pledge
Military/National Stories of Interest

Defending the Pledge

WOW I consider myself fairly hard to ruffle in any sort of meaningful manner. I mean, I may disagree with your views- like when anyone

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The Perfect Storm

My book, Front Toward Enemy details the personal and factual aspects of my husband’s murder and his killer’s subsequent acquittal. Haven’t read it yet? This piece I

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Why I Write

    I’m often asked why I write. My short answer? Because I can’t sing.  But deeper than that is the real reason- I write

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