Barbara Allen is the premier keynote speaker for “Turning Trauma Into Triumph.” Her combination of inspiration, humor, and proven results-oriented strategies add up to an experience your people will thank you for repeatedly, and never forget! She draws upon her own life experiences as well as extensive interviews with others who have overcome their own traumas or whose extraordinary actions impact and inspire others.

Featured Keynote:

Find the Fairness in an Unfair World: Less Whining, More Winning!

What is it worth to you to live a life that is free from mediocrity? To be unencumbered by the bitterness of seeing all the unjust advantages in the world around you? If you feel as though your success and happiness are being ambushed by obstacles in your life, this is the program for you.

It happens without us even realizing it. Slowly over time, each day back in the daily grind of a life that is brimming with responsibilities and decidedly lacking in glamour, we lose flashes of that spark that used to light us up every day. We didn’t mean for it to happen. We told ourselves we wouldn’t let it happen. But then the frat parties ended and our friends got married. We got married. Or divorced. We had kids, or we didn’t. We got grown up jobs and assumed our designated role as productive members of society. But eventually, we lost our zest for that job. The commute, the unappreciation, the lack of advancement, that annoying co-worker or the realization that there is zero opportunity to advance all serve as impetus to “Do the time, not the job.” Meanwhile, it seems as though all around you, other people are achieving the goals you have worked for; co-workers get promoted. Siblings find true love. Your neighbor wins the lottery. All while you struggle through mounds of bills, disgruntled teenagers, a car that constantly breaks down, and just can’t seem to break the cycle of mediocrity like everyone else is doing. What is it worth to you, to break through that barrier?

Barbara’s own spark has gone out more than once in her life, and each time she figured out how to light it back up. Her work with veterans and military families, including other families who lost a loved one in service, has allowed her glimpses into what has and has not worked for others also seeking to shirk the weight of bitterness and mediocre lives. Barbara has met with hundreds of people from all over the country and throughout the world, and they have shared their incredible stories of different cultures and different challenges from catastrophic trauma or tragedy to creating multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up. Now she brings these lessons to her audiences in a compelling, eye-opening, program that teaches people how to obliterate mediocrity and find the fairness in an unfair world.

Signature Keynote:

Find the Fairness in an Unfair World: Help
Your Employees Stop Just Doing Time
& Start Doing Their Jobs

Ideal For: Corporate/Associations/Non-Profits/Military
Length: 60-90 minutes Plus (Optional) Book Signing and/or Q&A

What is the value to you, of a business that runs at maximum efficiency? How many of your employees and corporate members are realizing their potential within your company? Businesses are most successful when their employees- from minimum wage to top dollar executives- perform at peak capacity. But too many businesses ignore their greatest asset- the employees. Rather than inspire and motivate, they demand and impede growth. More weight is placed on the almighty dollar than on the importance of employee well-being. As a result, turnover is high, morale is low, and employees clocking in are already counting the minutes until they clock out. Time that could be spent producing results is instead spent at Human Resources complaining about co-workers and unfair rules. Sick days abound, every one of them costing you money and detracting from that employee’s productivity.

Barbara’s impactful delivery teaches leaders the importance of investing in employees’ overall well-being, and offers examples of how to do so. She takes things back to the basics while demonstrating the difference between “Doing the time” and “Doing the job” in a presentation that challenges leaders to rethink their approach to staff management.

Triumph Over Tragedy:

It Will Stop Hurting When the Pain Goes Away!

Ideal For: Corporate/Associations/Non-Profits/Military/Individuals
Length: 60-90 minutes Plus (Optional) Book Signing and/or Q&A

This presentation is a crash course in tackling trauma head on. It is designed to equip those who have experienced personal trauma or tragedy with the tools they need to triumph in its aftermath. Whether you are recently impacted by a life event, or you were impacted years ago, you will walk away from this presentation feeling newly empowered.

Grab a front row seat to the no-holds-barred tell-all of military widow who nearly lost it all, even after she believed she had nothing left to lose. Her book takes her readers through her experience, from the moment she was told her husband had been killed, to the searing result of a court martial that rocked the military judicial system. Her live presentation takes the audience through that same journey and beyond, to where she is today. Feel the struggle. Grieve with her. Cringe at her mistakes, and bask in her victories. But prepare yourself to laugh along the way, for humor is her secret weapon. The story is gripping, made more so by Barbara’s delivery in a presentation that teaches audiences how they, too, can not just survive trauma, but triumph over it.

Learn how to recognize the resiliency skills you already possess, identify the habits you must ditch, and cultivate the traits you need. This customized keynote incorporates principles from each of Barbara’s programs, and is tailored specifically for individual clients. Barbara’s lessons from her own life are unabashedly shared in a presentation that is sometimes raw, sometimes incredible, and often humorous. She also shares lessons she has learned from the extensive meetings and interviews she has had with extraordinary people who have overcome immense traumas in their own lives, and come out on top. She has identified specific mindsets, approaches, and habits of people who have all managed to achieve extraordinary accomplishments, and she is ready to share these secrets with her audiences. She is fearless in her approach and fiercely passionate about defying the odds. Now she shares her secrets with you in an inspiring, interactive presentation that ignites her audiences.

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When Wee Ones Grieve

Ideal For: Children/Parents/Families

Parenting is a daunting task in the best of times – but what about the worst? What happens when a child is ambushed by trauma or tragedy? How can we help our children overcome the trauma from a death of a loved one, a catastrophic illness, a divorce, or any event that turns their worlds inside out? In this presentation, Barbara walks the audience through her own experience, as her husband’s murder left her to guide her four small children through their loss even as she struggled to heal herself. Learn how she learned she had everything she needed to see her children through – even if it took her a while to realize that. Then, discover how you can lead your child through their darkness and how sometimes, your child will lead you.