Barbara Allen is an award-winning author, speaker, and Gold Star Wife. Dave Brown is a real estate investor, lifestyle entrepreneur, and coach. Together they bring you inspiring stories and authentic interviews from exceptional Americans, entrepreneurs, celebrities, leaders, military heroes, and top influencers who are pursuing the American Dream and living a life of freedom. Whether they are celebrities or small-town heroes, each guest is a shining example of the American Spirit. Barb and Dave are committed to their mission of helping people pursue more out of life, support those who serve, and spotlight all the extraordinary things Americans are doing to make this country a better place. 

Podcast Reviews

What People Are Saying?

I can't recommend this podcast enough...Barbara and Dave are phenomenal interviewers and showcase amazing stories that will inspire you beyond belief.
There's so much negativity in our lives today that it's really cool seeing these guys are doing to get more positivity in great stories out into the world. I really enjoy listening.