Speed Painter Dave Santia

Dave Santia, Speed Painter and Accidental Altruist

What happens when art meets altruism? You get Dave Santia!

He’s not just an artist. He’s an upside down, speed-painting artist who has donated over $600,000 to various charities. It’s hard to say what’s bigger: Dave’s talent or his heart.

Dave Santia didn’t set out to become a philanthropist, it just happened by accident and he has “accidentally” donated over $600,000.00 to charities since his career took off.

Art is not something Dave Santia chose to do. Rather, it chose him. He’s been drawing and painting as long as he can remember, first burning through sketch pads his mother brought home, and now with custom made easels. He’d always known his life would involve art, and pondered careers in animation and illustration. Then he stumbled upon videos of Denny Dent performing speed painting to music, and knew he could teach himself that. So he did. “Frustrating,” is how Dave Santia described the initial process. The paint sold at art stores was too thick to be flung on a canvas, and the commercial easels didn’t quite meet his needs – even though they spun.

You see, Dave Santia starts most of his pieces upside down.

It is not until well into his performance that he spins the easel right side up, revealing the subject to those who have not yet discerned it.

Listen in to Episode #4 of the American Snippets Podcast to learn more about Dave Santia.

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