Sigh. Seriously? We’re altering names of school teams and professional teams that have existed for ages because suddenly they are “offensive.” Schools have stopped saying the pledge and are freaking out about the “under God” part in it. We’re banned from wearing depictions of our flag or even flying it in some communities. And now, oh say it ain’t so- It’s gotten worse. Let’s start with this one; a controversy over a gun being used in a memorial to fallen soldiers.  That’s right. Seems like there is concern about the appropriateness of such a memorial. I was going to lend my own thoughts to this idiocy debate, but really the quotes from the sensible people supporters of the monument said it best in this article. Besides, I just found another story that makes me want to scream merits mention. I’ll wait a moment while you read the first article…………………………



What did you think- Sound off please! But first, let’s get to the second succulent slice of lunacy.

Now maybe I’m just slow on the uptake, but I didn’t get the actual cause of uproar in this one the first time I looked at it:

Yeah- I thought maybe they violated some protocol about food allergies. Because what’s to apologize for, by serving Mexican food? My stomach growled a little just reading about it! But I was way, way wrong.

Someone at that school must have gotten dumped at that party. Or maybe someone on the event committee pissed off the wrong person. Because the leap from serving Mexican food at a space-alien themed party to somehow mocking Mexicans is bigger than any stuntman could ever pull off. Someone clearly studied the event with the sole intent of maligning it.

I wonder if whoever first complained is ever happy, about anything. I wonder if they realize they actually perpetuated prejudice by the pettiness of this complaint, and I wonder if any student at that college will ever want to spend the time and energy to create a fun event again.

Because if the offended party wants to throw a bash for Cinco de Mayo in a couple weeks, they’d better get themselves to the now-mandatory-for-all-event-planners-cultural sensitivity class they inspired. And they better not serve any burgers at it.

The cry-baby generation we are raising scares the be-jeesus out of me.

Where I come from, we thank the hosts of a party. We’re appreciative of the meal being served even if we hate it, because that’s just good manners.

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Barb Allen

Barb Allen

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