I’m often asked why I write. My short answer? Because I can’t sing.  But deeper than that is the real reason- I write because it is my purpose. A passion.

It’s not my only purpose or passion, but it is an integral part of who I am. Now, I am excited to begin anew with a fresh blog. Join me as I delve into the topics that drive me.

Military Topics: My first book, Front Toward Enemy, details my own experience with military justice gone awry. since my husband was killed and his killer acquiited I’ve stayed abreast of similar cases. In my military posts I’ll share these stories with you, as well as my own efforts to secure the Purple Heart for my husband.

Widow Topics:  Whether you’ve been widowed, know a widow, or have never been introduced to the land of bereavement, I dare you not to relate to these posts. My second book and the first in a trilogy, How to Woo a Widow sets the tone for the posts to appear in this section.

Inspiration: Ordinary people leading extraordinary lives. I have a slight addiction to their stories and I can’t wait to share them here. I’m blessed to personally know scads of these people, but I’m happy to share your stories too. Please feel free to comment and recommend your own story or that of someone you know to be featured here.

For more information or to get your own copy of my books, visit   http://www.barballenbooks.com/


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Barb Allen

Barb Allen

Barbara Allen is a Gold Star Wife, Author & National Speaker. Barb is the co-founder of www.americansnippets.com. She's a veterans advocate who understands the personal and factual struggles of turning adversity into advantage. But this lesson did not come easily and this upper hand must be diligently maintained. Now, Barbara brings her life lessons to her audiences in keynote speeches and custom programs. She relates to her audiences’ lives and challenges and teaches them how to become gladiators in their own life’s arena.

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