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Barb Allen is Grief’s worst enemy. After losing her husband in a tragedy that rocked the military, Barb struggled with finding her own will to live. Were it not for her love of her four children, she may not have accepted the help that came her way, and Grief may have claimed another victim. But instead, she began to realize her Will was mightier than she’d believed, and she began to turn the table on Grief.

Amply blessed with family and friends, Barbara’s world expanded further, and she developed a network that spanned the country. Not even her worst mistakes overpowered her greatest triumphs as she learned valuable lessons from her experiences, and enhanced her professional worth. Today she is an award-winning author and compelling keynote speaker. She is a respected Veterans Advocate who now counsels others through their own trying times.

Barbara is a firm believer in extracting value from experience, and using that value to create a life that is rich in beauty, no matter the odds. 


She is a fierce supporter of the military and all who serve to keep our communities and our country safe, and she is determined to do her part to be worthy of their service and sacrifice. She is passionate about helping Americans remember and reinforce the greatness that still lives within our citizens.

Barbara has come a long way since she began to take her life back. She’s been crowned an Honorary Miss America and won a NYS Press Association award. Her work was honored with an award from the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA). She has been featured on Fox News and CNN and recognized in Military and Army Times. Her story ran in headlines across the country, and she can often be heard co-hosting the morning show on Thunder 102.1 radio station.

Barbara utilizes her platform to connect and surround herself with people who have their own extraordinary stories of overcoming adversity. She now blends their experiences with her own in her work, and she is proud to share these stories and lessons with her audience. People across the country relate to her story, her humor, and her struggles. She has become a powerful force against Grief and complacency, and embraces the opportunity to share her experience with others.  


My Story


How many of us are equipped to cope when trauma or tragedy strike? See how Americans all over this country stepped in to support the family of a soldier who was murdered by one of our own, when the government turned its back.

barbara allen front toward enemy

An Inside Look at The Story of Loss, Love, and Patriotism

A Slain Soldier’s Widow Details Her Husband’s Murder And How Military Courts Allowed the Killer To Escape Justice.


Barbara is an author, gold star wife, speaker and a professional veterans advocate who understands the personal and factual struggles of turning adversity into advantage. But this lesson did not come easily and this upper hand must be diligently maintained. Now, Barbara brings her life lessons to her audiences in keynote speeches and custom programs. She relates to her audiences’ lives and challenges, and teaches them how to become gladiators in their own life’s arena.

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A Fallen Hero: In this video Gold Star wife Barb Allen, is interviewed by Fox News host Harris Faulkner in regard to her efforts to secure the purple heart for her late husband, Lt. Louis Allen.  As of 2015 the military has continued to refuse her husband this honor. Barbara’s relentless pursuit of justice and recognition of his sacrifice in the form of a purple heart will serve all members of the armed forces and their families.

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