Barb Allen is a keynote speaker, award-winning author, entrepreneur, and Gold Star Wife.

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Meet Barb Allen

Once upon a time, Grief had its way with Barb. Today she is Grief’s Worst Enemy.

Barb Allen’s first husband, Lt Louis Allen, was murdered by a fellow American soldier while in Iraq. The Commanding Officer was also killed in the attack.                   

SSG Alberto Martinez was arrested and tried for their murders. He was later acquitted in spite of submitting a guilty plea. This compounded tragedy sent Barb into a 10-year tailspin, during which she did her best to raise her four young sons.

Now that she has rebuilt her life, learned how to flip her pain into power, and her kids are grown, Barb is ready to share those hard-learned lessons about grief that will not only help you through the loss of someone you love but understand how to train all the pain in your life before it trains you.

Recently remarried, Barb and her husband Dave Brown launched the Great American Syndicate and hosted the Great American Summit.


We are all grieving- even if we don't think we are. Barb will show you how to not just navigate your grief, but how to turn it into techniques for conquering everyday challenges. You'll even have some laughs along the way!

Barbs Books and Writing Services

Barb Allen is an award-winning and best-selling author who has written three books: Front Toward Enemy, What Not To Wear To A Murder Trial, and How To Woo A Widow.
She is also a talented Ghostwriter and editor.


Flex Your Freedom with Barb Allen is all about how to achieve, defend, and promote personal, professional, and constitutional freedom in your own life, and then hep others do the same.

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Barb Allen is a keynote speaker, award-winning author, entrepreneur, and Gold Star Wife.

FYF with Barb Allen is an unapologetically patriotic, conservative-leaning podcast without the crazy. Barb’s guests include genuine heroes, successful entrepreneurs, everyday Americans with incredible stories of resilience, experts, and leaders in a multitude of arenas. We focus on how to define, achieve, and defend personal, professional, and constitutional freedoms in your life, and how to help others do the same.

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    Julie Reisler


    I can't recommend this podcast enough...Barbara and Dave are phenomenal interviewers and showcase amazing stories that will inspire you beyond belief.

      Trevor Mauch


      There's so much negativity in our lives today that it's cool to see more positivity and great stories put out into the world. I enjoy listening.

        Ken Barrett


        There is something in this podcast for everyone. You never know where you will find your next idea or source of motivation but this may be the place. Put this one your playlist.



        Barb Allen is a fierce supporter of the military and all who serve to keep our communities and our country safe, and she is determined to do her part to be worthy of their service and sacrifice. She is passionate about helping Americans remember and reinforce the greatness that still lives within our citizens. She’s been crowned an Honorary Miss America and won a NYS Press Association award. Her work was honored with an award from the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA). She has been featured on Fox News, CNN, and the Today Show, and recognized in the Military and Army Times.  Her story ran in headlines across the country and now she utilizes her platform to connect and surround herself with people who have their own extraordinary stories of resilience, courage, and success. 

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        The Flex Your Freedom Podcast with Barb Allen brings us together with people who exemplify the best of humanity and are committed to defending personal, professional, and constitutional freedom.  From military and law enforcement members, to former refugees  with incredible stories of service and courage, to leading entrepreneurs and dedicated people giving of themselves to help others, Barb and her Guests teach and inspire her audience.