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With a Foreword by Rob O’neill, and Highly Endorsed by Other Amazing Americans Like Taya Kyle and Bedros Keuilian, This Book Lives Up to Its Powerful Backing.s, Love, and Patriotism

Control is an illusion. That lesson is on the house- you don’t even have to buy the book for it. Because more than book sales I care about sharing the lessons I have lived and learned.

The key is, knowing what you can and cannot control, and then learning how to maximize that power. The other side of that key is learning how to turn things you are powerless to control into opportunities instead of excuses.

Friend, I’ve been to hell and back to learn the lessons in this book. There are few humiliations I have not suffered, dignities I have not surrendered, no pride I have not allowed to damage me, and no betrayal I have not allowed to drop me. All of that pretty much sucked for me, but it also led me to where I am today. It even brought moments of stunning beauty, joy, and gratitude only those who’ve lived in darkness, pain, and hopelessness can appreciate.

If you feel trapped under the weight of pain, grief, trauma, and hopelessness, there is something in this book that will help you. If you are easily offended, commit to overcoming that before you read this book, or just put it down and step away – you’re not ready for me yet.

The lessons in here aren’t all mine, by the way. I’m blessed to know hundreds of amazing people, and to have interviewed many of those people. Some of their lessons are in this book, too.

They believe in me, and I believe in you too. Let’s do this.

What People Are Saying...

Bedros Keuilian
    Bedros Keuilian

    Speaker, Author, Founder of Fit Body Boot Camp

    This book is the field manual for building life resiliency, Barbara lays it all out there!

    Taya Kyle
      Taya Kyle

      Author & Speaker

      Barb nails the art of perfecting imperfection in this raw, sometimes sarcastic, and on-point guide to crushing adversity.

      Racy 'Cash' Care
        Racy 'Cash' Care

        Retired Navy SEAL, Speaker and Coach

        This book could also easily be titled: How not to be a little bitch!

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