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From Widow To Warrior...

Barbara's husband Lou Allen had been killed in Iraq. She was left to raise our 4 little boys alone. Lou's loss was compounded by the shocking manner of his death and the aftermath became one of the most controversial cases in military history. Amply blessed with family and friends, Barbara pieced her life back together and developed a network that spans the country. Not even Barb's worst mistakes overpowered her greatest triumphs as she learned valuable lessons from these experiences, and enhanced her personal and professional worth. Today Barbara Allen is an award-winning author and co-founder of an exciting platform about patriotism and the American Dream. She's blessed with the opportunity to learn from extraordinary people and blend those lessons with her own as she helps others forge their own paths in this amazing country.

From Tragedy To Triumph

Barbara Allens combination of inspiration, humor, and proven results-oriented strategies add up to an experience your people will thank you for repeatedly, and never forget! She draws upon her own life experiences as well as extensive interviews with others who have overcome their own traumas or whose extraordinary actions impact and inspire others.

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