Attacks on “My Pillow Guy” Mike Lindell Are Exact Opposite of What This Country Needs

Well before entrepreneur Mike Lindell stepped up to answer the country’s call for help, he was an example of resilience and the American Dream.

Once he became part of the solution to a major crisis, he became a target for those who actively campaign to tear this country apart.

Mike Lindell made three major mistakes in the eyes of the ‘Dividers’…

He supported our president well before this crisis, he proudly stepped forward to help now, and he dared to invoke God’s name for all the world to hear. 

There are two kinds of people in this country today, and Mike Lindell makes it easy to discern who is who:

There are those who want this country and the world to overcome this crisis and emerge stronger, and there are those who are determined to remove our president, no matter the cost. 

Note we aren’t saying those who want things to get better necessarily like President Trump. Rather, whether they like him or not, they see what we all have in common. They recognize that different opinions on politics doesn’t mean less love for our families, communities, and our country.

These are people on the Left and the Right and smack dab in between who place more value on the health and wellness of the people on this planet than on their hatred for our president and all he stands for. These are the people who refuse to blindly believe headlines from any source, and choose to think for themselves. These are the people who may even be as cynical of the government as anyone else, but understand they are still accountable for their own actions.

Then there are the ‘other’ people.

These are the people who act like rabid dogs rather than professionals, or even like compassionate humans. These are the people whose compassion, or their version of it – extends only to those who are in complete agreement with them. They are so deep onto their mission to destroy President Trump they no longer care about anyone caught in the crossfire.

These are the people who, if trapped on a ship on the high seas with others who disagree, would rather burn that ship to ashes and drown everyone on board then allow it to sail to safety under the power of a unified breeze. But they likely wouldn’t drown at all, because they would commandeer the lifeboats for themselves and their buddies. These are the people who crave outlets for their indignation.

Think this is harsh? 

How else can we describe people who use their platforms to attack a fellow American who not only pledged his intent to help combat this virus, but came through?

A man who will soon be providing 50,000 masks per day to the brave men and women on the frontlines? A man who converted hundreds of thousands of warehouse feet to manufacturing the supplies vital to this country, and who has already helped four other companies begin following his lead? 

Mike Lindell pulled himself from the wreckage of a life shattered by his addictions and reckless behavior.

When Robert Downey Jr. did that, he earned the respect of millions. He put in the work to build a massively successful business by adding his own brand of uniqueness to a common product. He rebuilt his life and rebuilt his faith. He turned to God for guidance and he supported our president for leadership. 

Now, when his country asked for help, Mike Lindell stepped forward and answered that plea. 

Rather than focus on profit he is focusing on service. In a moment of emotion, he thanked God and encouraged others to find comfort in a faith he has found comfort in. 

Mr. Lindell wasn’t asking for a medal or a parade. He was not promoting his pillows. He was simply standing by our president, along with other CEOs who are answering the call for help, to assure Americans that the pleas for masks and ventilators has been heard and efforts are being made to answer that plea.

Instead of picking up on the graciousness and inventiveness of Americans coming forward to help, the Dividers chose to stoke anger and outrage. The Dividers, as is their custom, threw their energy into burying any flicker of unity and optimism with indignation and self-righteousness. 

Now more than ever, we need to set our differences aside and focus on what unites us as Americans and as human beings.


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