Is the American dream still possible

Is the American dream still possible

Is the American Dream still possible? Yes, the American Dream is alive and well. Once revered, then stashed away as unachievable for most, it is returning to the spotlight with a growing brightness. But beyond the pretty picture it paints and the clever little tagline it provides – why does it matter and is it really possible for anyone other than the elite to achieve it?

We’ve thought long and hard about this. We’ve lived different stages of the American Dream. We’ve lost our grasp on it, and now have it clutched tightly to our hearts. It is through our own experiences that we’ve learned the nuances of the American Dream.

We’ve experienced the swell of hope when we recognize its potential, and we’ve felt the crushing weight of disappointment when we fell short of achieving it, or when it was ripped away from us. Now we are sharing these lessons with you.

The first thing to understand is that anyone, regardless of where they are born or what they are born into, has the ability to create a life of their own design. The American dream offers the freedom of choice and the freedom to live in accordance with one’s values.

This concept is not something we created; It is woven into the tapestry of this country’s history and offered in our Declaration of Independence as the three unalienable rights  to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

The American Dream imposes no limits to those committed to its pursuit, and demands that those who achieve it extend themselves to help others do the same.

Millions of men and women have fought to protect our freedoms and defend these rights. They have served and sacrificed to ensure these rights remain available to the people they love, and to billions of others they never knew.

It is this aspect of the American Dream we remember each day, and call upon our community to do as well.

is the american dream still possible

With these rights – with the opportunity for all of us to achieve the American Dream – comes a responsibility. We owe it to the men and women who have borne the true cost of our freedom and all the opportunities we have today to use this gift with mindfulness, tenacity, and gratitude.

We built American Snippets to serve as a platform and conduit for positivity, possibility, and patriotism. This mission is achieved via our podcasts and feature articles on extraordinary people across this country, our coaching and speaking and our American Snippets Facebook Community.

Yes, The American Is Still Possible

Each guest featured on American Snippets personifies the fulfillment of the American Dream. Many of them have endured and overcome horrific traumas, significant personal or professional setbacks, or life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Every single one of them has risen above those events to meet and exceed their once seemingly unachievable goals. Most of them are now committed to helping others forge their own paths through adversity.

The lessons learned from each of our guests can be carried into your own lives and your own fulfillment of the American Dream. Their messages and examples of resilience, strength, courage, perseverance, patriotism and compassion are undeniable evidence of the potential within each of us, and the extraordinary events that happen when we maximize that potential.

There is immense power in proximity. Who you surround yourself with matters. We know we’re lucky to meet so many extraordinary people. Getting to know them enhances our own lives and strengthens our own mindsets every day. It brings us much happiness to share their stories with you so that you, too, can fuel your mind and feed your spirits with their inspiration, insight, and encouragement.

All of our guests spotlight precisely what it is about the American Dream that makes it so meaningful and so achievable. Their stories demonstrate that with extraordinary effort you can accomplish extraordinary results.  

Is the American Dream Still Possible? Yes, and all of these guests are living proof!

Do you think the American Dream Is Still Possible Now?

We are pleased to report that the American dream is alive and well for an overwhelming majority of Americans.

If you’re struggling to realize your American Dream we suggest you start learning from those who’ve already achieved it! We’re going to say it again; There is immense power in proximity.

Who do you surround yourself with?

Is it people like Bedros Keuilian, Elena Cardone, Patrick Bet-David, Travis Mills, Roland Frasier, Taya Kyle, Tyler Merritt, Kent Clothier, Larry Broughton, Daniel Alarik, Max Martini, Steve Sims, or Marie Cosgrove?

Or is it people who settle in to their unhappiness and un-fulfillment, never daring to push beyond their own pain or setbacks, to achieve their own goals or help others?

We realized how our own lives changed via the impact of people in our personal and professional circles. New opportunities and new joy found us through lessons learned and mindsets shifted as a result of refining the circle of people we surround ourselves with. 

We knew the same results could happen for everyone who is committed to realizing their own American Dream, and decided to help you out by sharing stories of people you can draw inspiration and insight from.

Every person we feature has faced at least one moment in life that felt unsurvivable or unable to overcome. They know what it’s like to feel as if their dreams are out of reach. If you struggle with that feeling, if you are about to give up on your dreams, maybe it’s time to look at things differently.  

The truth is that dreams are something you wish for.  Let our stories and the stories of our guests teach you how to stop simply wishing and start setting an intention to go after what you want in life. 

If you really want to start living a fuller, more successful life and become the best version of you, it’s time to start setting clear goals on what you want and who want to be.  You may believe you are less capable than others, but that is not true. It’s a lie your subconscious is telling you to protect you from the perceived threat of struggle. It’s a lie reinforced by others seeking to validate their own fears.

You are just as capable as anyone. You have the power to live a life by design. 

The only difference between the people we feature here on American Snippets and you is insight, commitment, and mindset. Our guests know this, too. This is why they share their stories – so they can help others understand the potential in all of our lives.

You are no less capable than anyone who has achieved their goals and continues moving forward in life.  Everyone who achieves great success started with a dream. What allowed them to realize those dreams is the actions they took.

First, they converted those dreams into goals.

Next, they committed to learning what needed to be done to achieve those goals, and finally, they executed those actions – without wavering – until they succeeded. Today they continue setting new goals even as they help others do the same.

We know how hard things can be and what it feels like to want to give up, but anything worth pursuing and doing is going to be challenging.  Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to claim the life you deserve?

The American Dream is still possible and it’s time to make yours a reality. 

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