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In September of 2020, the New York Post dropped a bombshell story detailing the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. President Biden labeled this damning report as a “bunch of garbage” and “Russian disinformation.” But now, over a year later, the New York Times has confirmed the New York Post’s original reporting and, in doing so, delivered a massive blow to the Biden administration’s credibility.

Hunter Biden’s laptop contains a multitude of unflattering pictures of Hunter taking drugs and having sex with prostitutes. However, the laptop is most damaging to President Biden in that it exposed his corrupt political practices.

A trove of emails on the laptop shows that Joe Biden used his political position to install his son in lucrative jobs in Ukraine and China. Not only that, Hunter Biden was obligated to provide 10% kickbacks to “the Big Guy,” which we can only assume is a reference to President Joe Biden. 

With the New York Times confirming the validity of Hunter’s laptop, this means President Biden was undoubtedly involved in nepotism and political corruption.

When the New York Post broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, it was quickly censored and removed from the internet.

This was clear and deliberate election interference by both BIG TECH and the Main Stream Media…

Social media outlets like Twitter went as far as to freeze the New York Post’s account just for posting the article. 

Along with social media outlets, deep state actors made moves to discredit the story upon its release. 51 intelligence officials, including former National Intelligence Director James Clapper, released a public letter claiming that the Hunter laptop story has “the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

These intelligence officials provided no evidence for these claims. Despite this lack of evidence, mainstream media “journalists” unquestioningly accepted the baseless claims from government officials. 

Politico ran the following headline: “Hunter Biden story is Russian disinformation, dozens of former intel officials say.” 

In a recent interview with “The Cats Roundtable,” Republican Senator Ron Johnson expressed his outrage with the politicization of U.S. intelligence agencies and demanded an apology from the 51 intelligence officials:

We reached out to the FBI. They wouldn’t tell us it was genuine. They should have. But they didn’t. People should be outraged…The New York Times is finally, quietly, covering its tracks. … Where are all the other apologies? Where is the apology from the 51 intelligence … operatives?

Since the Hunter Biden story has been verified by left and right-wing news outlets, the Daily Wire’s Cabot Phillips believes that the Biden administration now has nowhere to run: 

They’re [Biden administration] under growing pressure because for the last year and a half, they’ve mostly refused to talk about it, and when they have talked about it, they’ve mostly brushed it off as fake news or even Russian disinformation…But now that we have confirmation though that the story is accurate, the President and others in his administration are not answering questions on the topic. And, that’s where the pressure is really starting to mount here. People, even in the media, are starting to demand answers.

Following the release of the New York Times’s story, Press Secretary Jen Psaki now has a very different response when asked about the Hunter Biden laptop:

It is unclear why the New York Times is just now verifying the material found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. It is possible that the New York Times is looking at Biden’s abysmal poll numbers and wishes, for the sake of the Democratic party, that he does not run again in 2024.

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