Freedom Hard With Chris White

Freedom Hard With Chris White


Patriotism comes in all shapes and sizes. From a hand held over the heart as our anthem plays, to a Fourth of July parade – sometimes it is a whisper and sometimes a scream. And if you are Chris White, sometimes it’s both.

Chris White is among the unconventional kinds of Patriotic Americans. 

He is unencumbered by the weight of Haters or the onus of offense. He is simply determined to do his part to restore patriotism to its rightful perch and nothing will sway him from this mission.

It’s no secret that this country has been distracted by divisiveness since the 2016 election. Politics, like religion, is a great divider. But regardless of what God you worship (or none at all), and whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, patriotism should not be a casualty of your church or your party. This is a principle upon which American Snippets stands, and it is a burning belief in Chris White as well.

patriotism chris white freedom hard
Veteran Owned “Freedom Hard” Founder Chris White

Patriotism is racism,” is the slogan that has Chris doubling down on his own way of reunifying this country. 

He’s created a robust community in his Freedom Hard network, and this community is ready to do its part to stand with Chris as he works to restore patriotism as a common bond, rather than as a political pawn.

He’s not for everyone; his antics can be loud and abrasive and some may feel he’s a little bit on the crazy side. But take the time to speak with the Marine Corps veteran who streaked mostly naked across a field in front of over 42,000 people and you will find he is nothing like his public persona, He is, in fact, a soft spoken and reasonable man.

Chris White has his own political beliefs – no doubt about that. 

But he extracts those beliefs from patriotism and invites others to do the same. He fought for his country once in uniform, and now he is waging a different kind of fight. He is fighting to remind Americans not to fall victim to the manipulative tactics of politics. He is fighting to rekindle the one common ground that once held people of all races, ages, and beliefs together in solidarity for a few moments as our anthem played.

Freedom Hard is about going all in on the opportunities in this country, and remembering to remain grateful for them.



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