Jesse Itzler: Self Doubt Is The Single Greatest Enemy To Success

Jessee Itzler is the NYT Bestselling author of Living With A SEAL, speech giver, and endurance athlete.

In this video Jesse Itzler is speaking to a group of real estate investors at Real Estate Worldwide. Learn more about Real Estate Worldwide here He says that self doubt is the single greatest enemy to success. He explains that the limitations we put on ourselves are self imposed and that all of us can accomplish so much more than we think. It’s called the 40% rule. When you think you’re done or that you don’t have enough to go on…you still have 40% left.

Jesse Itzler has a list of accomplishments a hundreds mile long: He co-founded private-jet-card company Marquis Jet, then sold it to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, and helped pioneer the coconut-water craze by partnering with Zico, which they then sold to Coca-Cola.

He’s a former MTV rapper, who currently is an owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and is married to Spanx founder Sara Blakely.
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Jesse Itzler: Self Doubt Is The Single Greatest Enemy To Success

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