Life Lessons, Laughs, and Entrepreneurship With Robert O’Neill

Some people seek fame their entire lives, while others find themselves famous whether they like it or not.  Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill falls into the latter category, having had fame thrust upon him when his name was leaked as the man who fired the fatal Bin Laden shot. 

Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill and his family paid a hefty price for that leak, personally and professionally. 

Navy SEAL Robert O'Neill

Once Rob had enough of the negative fallout, he turned the spotlight into a platform to not only support himself and his family but to help others find their own paths forward.

Rob’s non-profit, Special Operators Transition Foundation, helps veterans navigate many of the challenges Rob faced when moving from service to civilian careers. 

His public appearances impart powerful lessons he’s learned while supporting other nonprofits, and his leadership experience is helping him build successful companies that indulge personal tastes as well as support the men and women who still serve. 

In this politically incorrect episode with did with Rob O’Neill and Barb sail through topics ranging from Mars to masks, and a slew of things in between- except for the shot that made him famous. 

If you are struggling with feeling trapped in stress, you want to hear Rob’s simple steps to help yourself get unstuck. If you love to think about issues greater than any one of us, this episode is packed with those and if you just enjoy flashing back to having conversations where you didn’t tiptoe around the idea of offending sensitive souls, you definitely want to hear this conversation.

Here are some of the things Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill talks about in this value packed interview:

Companies Rob is building

What country Rob believes we will be at war with next

One of the biggest dangers to a Navy ship and how Rob is working to resolve that threat

Rob’s thoughts on masks and quarantines

What books Rob recommends

Rob’s new book, co-authored with Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer

Which party Rob would run with, if he ever decided to run for Senate, and why

Rob’s response to people asking him to run shooting classes and SEAL-like workouts

Some actionable steps to mitigate stress

Rob’s thoughts on Biden and the Keystone pipeline

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