Perpetually Lit With Bobby Sausalito

Perpetually Lit With Bobby Sausalito

Bobby Sausalito, the self-proclaimed "loud mouthed New England guido" living in South Florida

Bobby Sausalito is a Comedian, commentator and Internet personality most notably recognized on Instagram as @takenaps. His satirical videos about politics, the economy, current events, real estate, and other topics he covers have connected with a massive national audience craving the opportunity to laugh.

While Bobby makes light of the conspiracy theories, political disasters, and the divide in this country, he sprinkles in messages of personal accountability and entrepreneurial lessons, blending real life value with the power of laughter. 

Some comedians have to dig deep for their material, or hire writers to feed them the funny stuff. Others, like Bobby Sausalito, do not. Bobby’s natural sense of humor, his quirky delivery, and relatable reactions to current events instantly connected with social media users.

For the past few years he’s been putting a comedic spin on stressful moments, allowing his audience the opportunity to see the funny side of otherwise unfunny moments.

Bobby Sausalito
Bobby sauce

Bobby didn’t plan on planting a flag in the territory of political satire. He joined social media platforms for recreational reasons, sharing memes and party pics with no real message. 

His evolution into political satire is a result of him sharing a video expressing his feelings, and that video going viral.

When Bobby realized that people connected with the message, he made a few more videos. Those videos generated similar responses and today, Bobby has a hard-core fan base that has come to count on him for comic relief as well as pointed insight and even entrepreneurial advice

In this episode of American Snippets, Bobby shares his story of how he found himself on this path, and the lessons his entrepreneurial success have taught him as well.

We recorded this the week before the Inauguration, when conspiracy theories were exploding online and the military was being called in by the tens of thousands to turn our capitol into a mocked-up combat zone.

If you are a fan of Bobby Sausalito you will enjoy the opportunity to get to know him more in depth than his online videos allow.

If this is the first you’ve heard of him, you’ll be pulled in by his openness and want to get to know him more. The added value Bobby brings to this interview is the concisely packaged lessons in entrepreneurship and financial freedom that manage to teach some of the most important aspects of these topics so many people teach full workshops and expensive classes on.

Listen in for a fun and value-packed episode with Bobby Sausalito!

Here are some of the topics We talk about with bobby:

Pre-inauguration predictions about the conspiracy theories

How he went viral

Advice for disheartened Americans

How humor helps him send his message out

How to handle internet trolls

Projection of Biden’s impact on stock market

Here are some of the questions we aksed bobby:

What’s some advice for people who don't have a lot of money but want to start investing?

What are your plans for your comedy - are you going on the road?

Where do you get the inspiration for your videos?

What made you decide to follow this path?


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