Police Officers Buy Groceries for Woman with Health Issues

San Angelo police buy groceries

Covid 19 is definitely creating massive challenges all around the world – but it’s also presenting story after story of people going out of their way to help a fellow human being.

We love these stories and will be featuring them throughout this crisis.

Today’s Covid 19 Superstars are Officers Rodriguez, Dominguez, Asebedo, and Sgt. LaJoie of the San Angelo Police Department.

These four San Angelo police officers went above the call of duty to protect and serve.

When a call for help came in from a self-quarantined citizen, the trio learned this woman was all alone and already struggling with health issues.

Her health conditions make her especially vulnerable to COVD 19, and she had run out of groceries.

It had been 2 days since she’d eaten.

The police officers and the sergeant immediately went to a local Market, used their own money to stock up on groceries and supplies, and personally delivered it to the woman.

That’s taking their duties to the next level, and we salute them.


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