The Story of the Orphaned Wildlife Center and their Bears

The Story of the Orphaned Wildlife Center their Bears.

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Some of this country’s greatest treasures lie in the most unlikely places or within the most unassuming people.

Jim and Susan Kowalczik are two such people in one such place, quietly going about their labor of love, reluctantly agreeing to flashes of the spotlight to support their work.

Quinn Medina is an eleven-year-old gem who found inspiration from the Kowalcziks and began her own movement to support them.

The Orphaned Wildlife Center sits unobtrusively in the small town of Otisville, NY.

It’s a tiny town with an easily-missed main street, nestled nicely in the Hudson Valley, rich in scenic areas and home to diverse wildlife.

Ideally, the wildlife remains wholly wild, but when accidents happen or overlapping causes issues, other options may be necessary.

For the lucky wildlife orphans or accident victims, sanctuary and healing await at the Orphaned Wildlife Center.

See The Full Interview And Story In Episode #19 of the American Snippets Podcast

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