Taya Kyle’s American Spirit

Tayla Kyle Profiles Everyday Heroes in New Book 'American Spirit'

Taya Kyle didn’t ask for any of the pain or the fame that both found her. She could have focused inward, concerned only with her own struggles but instead, in her darkest moments, she managed to find the grace and strength to help others.

Taya Kyle is hilarious and strong, and special and we are blessed to call her a friend here at American Snippets.

Her new book American Spirit focused on sharing stories of the people in this country who prove America is more than politics, is just another example of her refusal to give up on something she believes in.

See our full interview with Taya Kyle and watch as Taya Kyle opens up and takes us with her behind the scenes of her very public life, and shares how faith and humor have gotten her through the aftermath of losing the man she loves.


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