Amplify Your Life And Leap Into Entrepreneurship With Trevor Mauch

Amplify Your Life And Leap Into Entrepreneurship And Real Estate With Trevor Mauch


Have people ever told you your dream is impossible? Have you ever let yourself believe the naysayers? Trevor Mauch has an important lesson for all of us who are tempted to give in to doubt.

They told him he had no business opening this business in a small town. Trevor Mauch knew they were wrong but more importantly, he knew he was right. He was tired of hearing about small towns shriveling up and dying when their primary big businesses closed its doors. He believed people who thrive in wide open country lives shouldn’t feel forced to move to cities, where the jobs are. He didn’t want those who choose to cling to country life spending more time in traffic or on trains than they do at home with their families and he thought hard about how people who want to live in small towns should not just scrape out middle class incomes, but earn six figures or more.

On top of all that, Trevor Mauch also knew it was possible to help people in his small town find big success –  so he did, and has since made millions helping people across this country find success right in their own communities.

Trevor Mauch’s passion for helping people in small towns is personal.

He grew up in rural America, in a family whose income depended on the big company in town. As so often happens, that company folded, thrusting his family and many others into financial crisis. Trevor spent hours driving with his dad, watching him submit one application after another to one job after another. One day they drove past an empty lot. Where a casual passerby may have seen just another depressing empty lot, Trevor’s dad saw their future.

It was the perfect spot for a business, his dad said.Maybe an equipment rental store. With his back to the wall and failure not an option, his father risked everything they had to invest in and start that business.

“It was an amazing experience to see my family struggle and then go for it,” Trevor says.

trevor mauch on carrot
trevor mauch

They held on through a slow start and tough times, until their faith and hard work was rewarded with success. It was a lesson he never forgot.

Trevor Mauch carried that lesson with him, eventually taking his own leap into entrepreneurship.

With the same determination his parents had shown, Trevor started and built a successful business of his own.

On the outside, he was the picture of success. On the inside, though, something was missing. A void was building inside. He didn’t feel like what he was doing truly mattered. “In general,” Trevor says, “human beings – we want to know that we matter.” He knew if he felt this way, others did as well. “So many people, every day, go do something that at their core, they don’t think they’re mattering in the world.“

He didn’t want to remain in that pool of malcontent, just another person punching a time clock, doing their work, repeating the same process every day. Even as a business owner, he felt more bound by his business than anything. He knew he had to make a change, and one day that feeling was reinforced in a tragic way.

Trevor’s close friend Nick had spent a Sunday afternoon gardening in his yard, chatting with his wife about retirement plans – a long way down the road, as he was just 34, but still fun to talk about. Nick and his wife were loving parents to three children and had much to look forward to – until Nick died suddenly that very afternoon.

Trevor still feels that blow and vowed to himself that he would not take one more day for granted. He would not continue to live a life he felt didn’t matter. He thinks of Nick and his family often, thinking, “Who am I to waste my life,” when Nick’s life was cut so short, so suddenly. He was forever changed by his friend’s death, and turned his grief into action.

From that point on Trevor looked deep inside himself to determine the core values he was no longer willing to negotiate in life.

He would no longer waste precious time on a career that meant nothing to him. He would take control of how he spent his days, how much time he had with his family doing things he loved, instead of simply grabbing the few moments available after work.

He and his wife decided to find the perfect small town for them to live and raise their family in, and Trevor committed to finding success not just in business but in life. He purchased properties as passive income avenues, quickly developing a taste for success. Over time he realized he felt a stronger pull towards marketing his real estate than he did to the real estate business itself. This, he knew, was where he would focus.

On Carrot, a real estate software company for investors and agents

On Carrot is a website system primarily for real estate investors. The award-winning company focuses on building clean, professional, flexible, and effective websites for real estate investors, agents, and entrepreneurs, to help them grow their business, gain brand identity, and live the lifestyles they want to live/

This software as a service (SaaS) company offers various templates and related services for investors to use in their own businesses. Automated content, training programs, and hassle-free consistency are just some of the perks On Carrot Members enjoy. But the true value is in the experience.

Trevor Mauch is committed to more than just running a successful company. He is absolutely dedicated to ensuring his employees and clients look forward to each day. This means his employees share his mission to…

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Their core values include things like: Have fun, always genuinely care, be consistent, positive, adventurous, and grateful for everything. This, in turn, trickles down to the clients. Trevor Mauch and his employees strive to serve as beacons for their clients, who they hope will be inspired to carry that torch into their own businesses and lives.  They must be doing a good job because rave reviews continue to pour in.

National success achieved, Trevor turned his focus to his next mission; help rural America offer opportunities for people to achieve the same success in other businesses. Where better to embark upon this mission than his very own community in Roseburg, Oregon?

Nayayers said he was crazy, that this would never work, and that he should just get a real job. But he’d already defied the doubters once, so he set his sights on doing so again. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people, he knew, is paramount to success.

Entrepreneurs are often surrounded with doubters and skeptics, making it more difficult to achieve and maintain their positivity, willpower, and commitment to their goals.

Trevor Mauch wanted to offer entrepreneurs in his small town the opportunity to surround themselves with like minds.

He looked for a place for entrepreneurs to meet, settling on a local pub. Pub talks started with just Trevor and one other person.  Word spread until these meetings were packed with people who wanted to meet other entrepreneurs.

“We found our role in this community,” adding hope in an area where for six or seven years, since the large timber business dwindled, had felt little hope. 

Enough people displayed the same drive and determination as Trevor and his wife do about the importance of entrepreneurship, that Trevor decided to put his money where his heart is, and opened The Loft. “Dream, Create, Launch, and Grow at the Loft,” reads the business’ website. Entrepreneurs in his community are invited to engage in mentorship and networking through various events.

He interviews other entrepreneurs on his podcast, and the Loft serves as a prime resource. People who struggled to hold on to their dreams of running their own lives on their own timelines were thirsty for help, and Trevor satiated that thirst with this entrepreneurial workspace.

“The right people with a shared purpose amplifies the life/business impact,” he says, and this philosophy pertains not only to one’s own business, but to others who surround you.

So where better for an entrepreneur to find support and inspiration, than from sharing space with other entrepreneurs? A conversation over a ping-pong game or a cup of coffee is a great way to ditch some stress and swap ideas, while the private offices offer a place to concentrate, and the available conference room provides a professional place to hold client meetings.

By engaging his community, Trevor Mauch has become a part of igniting it. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers by nature. His goal is to, “amplify these people so they can do more of what makes their hearts sing.”  That, he feels, is an amazing mission – and it matters.

Follow Trevor Mauch’s journey and his unconventional path to grow his multi-million dollar SaaS startup Carrot, or the Roseburg, Oregon based entrepreneur workspace theLoft, and help rally our small towns around the entrepreneurial energy that is the vehicle to create massive change.

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