Eddie Pinero’s World Within

Eddie Pinero's World Within

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Eddie Pinero is a 31 year old entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and YouTuber from Miami Florida. His YouTube Channel has over 18 Million views and it all started with an idea that grew into a decision.

Eddie Pinero settled snugly into the corporate world, safely ensconced in his professional path with a solid paycheck and the financial security that came with that check. It was an easy life with a clear future.  From a societal perspective he’d achieved what we are all taught to do – get a job, pay our taxes, take our vacations and go about our lives until we retire, at which point we can focus our remaining time on what we enjoy.

Eddie Pinero had a different perspective.

He’s an artist. He’s creative and musical, and driven by those traits. Yet the corporate world he lived in had no room for those traits, so they gathered dust. To meet the demands of his career he’d have to narrow his perspective, focusing only on those demands. His music and his artistic visions fell out of that perspective.

eddie pinero your world within Eddie followed the path in his line of sight. It took him to Boston. With a secure safety net beneath him, Eddie took a moment to look up, past his narrowed perspective, and he glimpsed sight of a view he’d nearly forgotten.

He saw that flame that had once burned within him, now reduced to a smolder as he spent his days at a desk creating things someone else wanted him to create. He remembered his outlook on life when he’d allowed his passions to pour forth. He realized the life he’d created was far from the life he wanted, and made the decision to take the entrepreneurial leap that would allow him to blend the best of both worlds.

Changing His Life’s Trajectory

It started with an idea. It grew into a decision. For the next year and a half, Eddie quietly went about his corporate work while steadfastly building a foundation for him to leap on to. He blogged. He returned to writing music. He made a plan for his new path and then changed the trajectory of his own life.

For the first time in years, Eddie operated without that safety net. He felt the financial heat and began questioning his decision. When doubt struck, Eddie drew himself in, falling back on his own center of gravity.

Perspective is important. Eddie recognized the power of his own perspective, and that his doubt and insecurity was impacting his outcome. He knew he needed a fresh view;

“I’ve always been amazed how the slightest change in perspective  – just one thought- can really ignite some serious change,” Eddie says.

He consciously changed his perspective from “What am I doing with my life?” to more positive and powerful views on his own ability to determine his life.  He allowed himself the time for release in his favorite outlets of music and creativity.

Each morning, Eddie listens to something that allows him to reflect on what he is doing and the direction he is taking. He felt his creative light spark back to life when he began this practice. Inspired, he began dabbling in recording his own inspirational and motivational thoughts. Then he composed music for those thoughts, and then he added video.

On a whim, Eddie uploaded one of these videos to YouTube. It caught on and the attention it garnered caught Eddie’s attention. In that moment he knew he was on to something.

Eddie Pinero’s Your World Within

What began as a creative outlet and rejuvenating release for Eddie became a hugely successful business. His thoughts and artistic expression of these messages touch people and quench their thirst for hope, for possibility, for potential. His videos have hundreds of thousands of views and his subscribers comment on how these videos impact them.

One of his earliest videos, Running in the Rain , quickly captured thousands of views, then tens of thousands, and then hundreds of thousands of views. Eddie realized he was on to something, and doubled down.


For over a year, Eddie Pinero worked non-stop on making his dream into his reality. 

When family and friends struggled to understand his decision, Eddie stayed focused and reminded himself it would all be worth it. “It was hurdle for sure,” he says. But he remained committed.

Music is something Eddie has always been pulled toward, and had a talent for. In the midst of his struggles to build his business, Eddie turned back to his neglected outlet. He decided to bring it back.

“I thought it would be a good way to remind people – we can lose what we love so easily just because life gets in the way,” says Eddie.

The marriage of his natural passion with his learned skills and entrepreneurial mindset gave birth to his dream, and Your World Within found its footing.

Where Sparks Fly

Some people walk through life picking up a lesson here, and a lesson there, grasping some and forgetting most. Eddie Pinero collects life lessons and nurtures each one. He pulls them close. He lives them, and he shares them with the world via his videos.

Progress over perfection, the power of persistence, and living your own narrative are some of the ideas Eddie imparts in his videos.  His subscribers soak it up, leaving comments to let him know how valuable his work is. It’s humbling for Eddie. It also drives him forward.

He’s come a long way in just a few years, and Eddie Pinero is just getting started. In a world where it’s possible to build multi-million dollar businesses from a laptop in your basement, he has no intention of slowing down.

Asked what advice he’d offer to others seeking to do the same, he says this, “Be true to yourself. You have to love what you’re doing and put in the work so you do stand out.” He cautions against the perception that things happen instantly, using his own story as an example.

Finally, while Eddie encourages like-minded people to find inspiration from the work of others, he reminds them of this…

“Draw from others but maintain individuality because somewhere in the middles that’s where sparks fly.”

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