How To Have Family, Fortune, Faith, and Freedom, with Martha Krejci

How To Have Family, Fortune, Faith and Freedom, with Martha Krejci

Martha Krejci is a master of Multi-level marketing and generating multiple income streams

If you’ve ever felt so overwhelmed with your life – personally or professionally – and wanted to know if it’s possible to overcome all your adversity, this episode is important for you. 

Martha Krejci was divorced, homeless, and surviving by living in a friend’s basement. She spent her time drinking, smoking, and feeling sorry for herself.

That may be hard to believe if you meet her today. With the love of one person who believed in her, Martha managed to turn her life around.

martha krejci interview flex your freedom

Today she’s a master of Multi-level marketing and generating multiple income streams. She and her husband are on a mission to help people achieve personal, professional, and financial freedom. We were honored to have her speak at our Great American Summit, and we are excited to have her here on this episode.

Grab a notebook and get ready to take those notes.

If you are a member of our GREAT AMERICAN SYNDICATE, make sure to catch the exclusive bonus content Martha offered for you, within our community. 

Here are some of the things we discussed with Martha Krejci...

Four different personality types

What is the point of working to create ore than one income stream?

What is the first step to creating a new life?

What does Artificial Intelligence have to do with communication?

What is Martha’s favorite thing about life?

Martha’s downward spiral into alcoholism and her triumphant comeback story


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martha krejci interview flex your freedom

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