American Snark With Chad Prather

Our country is facing serious challenges right now, and it’s getting harder to find anything funny about it. So we are especially grateful for people like Chad Prather, whose natural sense of humor, combined with his political insight and a raging sense of patriotism makes it easier to laugh no matter how hard things get.

Chad Prather burst onto the social media scene by pioneering the driver’s seat video posts. 

Almost accidentally, he launched into a viral favorite, parlaying that platform into careers in comedy and political commentary.

chad prather

Chad’s national audience is packed with both fans and haters, but not many people take the time to explore beneath his public persona to discover his many layers. So in this interview, we did just that.

Buckle up, Buttercups and prepare for a fun ride through the life and laughs of Chad Prather. We bet you didn’t know there’s much to him than the dry wit, the cowboy hat and the recent run for office. So while we did spotlight those things, we hit on some of Chad’s other experiences, skills, and insight. too

Here are some of the things we discussed with Chad Prather​...

Humor as a coping mechanism

The value of good-natured banter

What power to grant other people’s acceptance or rejection

The biggest compliment Chad has ever gotten

The essence of integrity

Why use a truck for a studio?

Should Texas secede?

Advice for anyone considering apolitical run

Why he ran for governor

Different tyrannies emerging in our country

Humanitarian aid Chad has done and been involved in


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chad prather

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