Relentlessly Patriotic with Artistic Activist Scott LoBaido

Relentlessly Patriotic with Artistic Activist Scott LoBaido

In this episode, Scott Lobaido shares his backstory and explains why he’s gone all-in on patriotism and defending freedom in ways most of us would never dare.

With the censorship and cancel culture running through this country, too many Americans are afraid to speak up against tyranny or to even question a narrative. We’ve lost track of how many times we’ve been thanked for doing what we do, and then told by that same person that THEY aren’t speaking out in public because they will lose clients, followers, donors,  or relationships.

We hope every one of these people soon understands the cost of their silence. But in the meantime we have people like today’s guest.

Scott LoBaido is an artist in Staten Island NY. 

For decades, he’s used his art as a means to defend patriotism. More recently he’s been using his art and his platform as an activist, calling out corrupt politicians and raising awareness for causes.

scott lobaido
patriotic artist scott lobaido

He’s been arrested multiple times- all for nonviolent protests. Now he’s working with director and producer Christoper Martini to complete his documentary, relentlessly Patriotic. And he needs your help to make sure it’s released in time to awaken voters before the mid term elections.

In this episode, Scott shares his backstory and explains why he’s gone all-in on patriotism and defending freedom in ways most of us would never dare. He explains why Fridays are the worst day to be arrested and why this documentary is so important.

If you are easily offended you may want to skip this episode – Scott lets the F-Bombs fly.

But if you enjoy a lively conversation and want to hear more from one of America’s most passionate Patriots, you do not want to miss this one!

Here are some of the things we discussed with Scott LoBaido...

Artists and Patriotism

What makes Staten Island special

Political correctness and cancel culture

Patriotism for popularity vs pure patriotism

Why to avoid getting arrested on a Friday

Why he was arrested at the US Open

Why Scott enjoys being with his liberal friends

The documentary Scott is working on and his commitment to getting it to the public before the mid- term elections


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