How to dominate AI Before AI Dominates You, with Eric Post

Dominate or be dominated. That’s the choice many of us face with the roll-out of new artificial technology to the public. For those who understand the implications, potential, and learning curve of AI, and use it with intent, domination awaits. For those who see it merely as a fun or cool way to have their work done with a few quick keyboard clicks, irrelevance, replacement, and obscurity await.

One set of people will use AI to enhance their own level of expertise and visibility. They will reach new levels of success and impact. They will discover new purposes and push themselves far past the potential they once envisioned for themselves. The other will unwittingly use it to make themselves replaceable. They will position AI as the expert, gulp thirstily from the firehose of information without ever questioning or building upon it, and they will one day find themselves devoid of any professional purpose, drowning in the same wave others are riding. 

So much so, says this guest, that it may even be necessary to implement universal basic income, after all – unless people wake up in time. 

eric post consulting

There will be new, more powerful predators, and there will be new, more vulnerable  prey.

It’s a fascinating, terrifying, and exciting time – one that will see 100 years of technological advances and changes in as little as the next five years, says Eric Post.

One of the biggest challenges I face when interviewing people like Eric Post is that they are so multifaceted it’s impossible to fully unpack all their insight and expertise in one episode.

Especially when they continue breaking new ground and kicking down doors for others to breach with him. 

So while Eric’s history as a United States Marine, an entrepreneur whose company has handled billions of dollars in real estate transactions, his experiences as a business owner and resident of the Portland, Oregon area who was directly impacted by the lunacy and riots, and his gut-punching documentary on that lunacy across our country that is soon to be released are all extremely fascinating, we aren’t here for those today. Don’t worry- we covered those areas in earlier interviews with Eric, back when we were American Snippets.

Today it’s all about artificial intelligence and its implications for good or evil.

Eric is poised to launch another new company – one that promises to help people use AI to expand their reach and capabilities instead of replacing themselves. is now accepting registration for updates and Beta testing. 

In this episode, Eric unpacks important  AI issues we all need to understand.

Here are some of the things we discussed with Eric Post...

Why it’s important to explore how AI can make us better, instead of how it can make our lives easier

Why it’s important to explore how AI can make us better, instead of how it can make our lives easier

The value of human beings vs machines

What careers have the most potential for being replaceable with AI

One thing people use AI for without realizing it makes them irrelevant and what it offers people who want to use AI to dominate

The potential perils of AI, if improperly applied

The potential benefits of AI, when properly applied

Will AI lead to needing a Universal Basic Income?

What will AI do to Google searches?

Deep fakes

Who should be the gatekeepers of AI


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