The Untold impact of Being Transgender, with Retired Navy SEAL Chief Beck

Retired Navy SEAL Chris Beck served in our military for 20 years. His service included thirteen deployments, seven of which were in combat zones. Every day of his service Upon his retirement, Beck stunned the SEAL community when he stepped into life as a transgender woman.

navy seal chris beck

Then Chris Beck surprised everyone again when he de-transitioned years later. 

The emotional and physical stress of these major transitions in life are monumental. The ripple effects on relationships, the hostility from strangers, and the manipulation by people who used Chris for their own agendas- were all compounded by the very public nature of his story. 
Now engaged to a woman he loves, Chris is determined to use his experience and platform to educate others on the realities of gender dysphoria and the complexities attached to it. 

Here are a few of the topics discussed in this episode with Chris Beck:

Being a "trophy" for the LGBTQ community

The ability to support and respect people within a community, while recognizing the negative aspects of that community

How relationships change within the evolution of a transgender life

A message to transgender teenagers and their parents

Death threats

What true courage is

The conviction to use a personal struggle and lessons learned, to guide and help others

Why Chris stepped forward to speak out in spite of how difficult it can be to share personal life situations in public

Christopher Todd Beck (born June 21, 1966) is a retired United States Navy SEAL who gained public attention in 2013 after coming out as a trans woman, and in 2022, when he announced his detransition. During the time of his transition, he went by the name Kristin Beck.


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