Faith, Freedom, and Fun With JP Sears

What does a warrior look like to you? What does a warrior do?

 Once upon a time, the answer to that seemed straightforward- our minds tended to leap to visions of the men and women over centuries of time, who drew arms and fought with everything they had to defend their freedom.

Even if it meant dying in that fight.

While that remains the most prevalent idea of a warrior, recent times have revealed subsets of this definition. A warrior today is also recognized as one who fights to overcome adversity in their own life and lead others through theirs.

It is used to describe activists and those who dedicate themselves to championing honorable causes. As battlefields have evolved over the years so, too, must the warriors.

That is where JP Sears enters the conversation. 

With his distinctively long red hair and his exaggerated wardrobes, JP Sears shines a spotlight on the most ludicrous stances assumed by society and the elite who have assumed power in this country.

jp sears awakenwithjp interview

Back when Americans at least held an illusion of being free citizens, JP’s comedic style of satirization blended with spirituality was largely dedicated to topics like wellness, personal development, mindfulness, and other areas the comedian is passionate about in his own life

His career was hard-earned and his star was rising as his social media platforms gained traction. 

His YouTube channel, AwakenwithJP,  has close to three million subscribers, and his other platforms boast either equally strong or even stronger numbers. His success seems unquestionable now, but that was not always the case. 

JP had everything to gain by staying his course, and everything to lose by pushing back against the Far Left, woke ideology overtaking the entertainment industry as it swept across our country.

The platforms he uses as his vehicle to deliver his content are overwhelmingly controlled by those with the very views JP and at least half of America oppose. Anyone dropping content speaking out against the lunacy and tyrannical, Communist-like tactics being deployed against Americans is instantly censored and squashed, making it almost impossible for anyone but the biggest names to be heard.

Ask us how we know this…. 

But as the mandates and lockdowns hit, it became impossible for JP to fight the pull he felt to do whatever he could, to push back.

As the battlefields of our enemies shifted from distant lands to our schools, our news, our communities, and our families, so too did the weapons to fight back.

jp sears

Where social media and news outlets became weaponized against freedom, those with existing platforms had the decision to make; use that platform to push back, which meant risking their livelihood, or remain silent and allow others to take the arrows while keeping themselves sheltered from censorship. 

That is the battlefield today’s war is taking place on, and where people like JP Sears become warriors.

At first blush it can seem as though he is mocking people simply for being different than he is – that’s where the ulta PC, emotionally triggered, victim mindset that has indoctrinated much of our society and rears its head. 

But for those with the ability to recognize the true targets of his content, JP’s aim is spot-on. Perhaps the day will come where JP can comfortably step away from the modern battlefields of freedom, as our liberties will be restored and some sense of sanity returned. 

Or maybe we won’t see that happen at all. Maybe the Americans blindly championing our demise won’t realize that until it really is too late. 

But at least we can have some laughs along the way. 

Here are some of the topics discussed in our interview with JP Sears:

What is freedom?

How does God play into freedom

What was the tipping point for JC to begin using his platform for freedom?

Historical patterns of tyranny

What changed when JP found out he was going to be a dad

The two things JP never wants to talk about with his son

The concern JP Sears faced in making a decision to stand for freedom

The impact on JP's career and platform when he began speaking for freedom

The lesson JP learned about awareness and purpose

The best use for humor

How JP finds humor in the face of serious issues

The weapon used to control people, and how humor defeats it

Communism's approach to God

Faith's role in freedom


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jp sears awakenwithjp interview

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