Conservative Filmmaker Chris Martini – Making Movies Great Again

There’s a lot of nostalgia in America right now. At least, for those of us who still remember what it was like when individuality was admired, patriotism united us, freedom of speech and religion were real things, parents held dominion over their child’s medical, emotional, mental, and sexual education, and Americans felt at least an illusion of security within our borders – among other things. 

We also miss the days when Hollywood stayed in its lane, serving to entertain us rather than shame us or incite hatred and division.

Maybe in some ways it’s a good thing that some of the gilded curtains in Hollywood have been drawn back, revealing a slice of the depravity and anti-American agenda of those who control it. But it’s only a good thing if good people do something to break off from the frightening, dangerous path Hollywood would have Americans walk.  

That’s where Conservative, courageous filmmakers like Chris Martini come into the picture. 

There are two paths for filmmakers, says Chris. When he realized he didn’t fit into either of the Woke paths, he began blazing his own trail. From his very first film to his current projects, if Chris isn’t bringing comedy to the big screen, he’s bringing Conservative values

conservative film maker chris martini

Once upon a time things like patriotism, support of those who honorably serve our countries and communities, preserving the innocence of our youth, defending human rights for all people of all nationalities and skin color, the right to be safe in the womb and within our nation’s borders, and all the other values Conservatives stand for were not necessarily partisan issues. 

Or, at least if they were, they were debated, legislated, and lived under one flag and one nation that managed to disagree civilly and respectfully. 

Today, sadly, these positions are now deemed “extreme.” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre just told us, “When you are not with where a majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme… That is an extreme way of thinking.”

Well color us extreme then, and let us be among those who gratefully thank people like Chris Martini for the way he broke free from Hollywood’s wokeness, preferring to center his career on integrity and strong core values rather than play into the power machine that celebrates sexually exploiting and grooming our youth, decimating free speech, and essentially destroying every good thing about this country- not to mention basic human decency.

In this interview, Chris Martini opens up about the decisions he’s made and the impact those have had on his career. He talks about the events that inspired him to make these decisions and peels back more of Hollywood’s curtains. 

Here are some of the things we discussed with Chris Martini...

Sundance Institute : Gatekeepers of the Woke community in Hollywood

Two paths for filmmakers

Advice to other Conservative filmmakers on how to increase reach

The part of the filmmaking process that takes the most time

Relentless Patriot: His current project focused on Conservative artist Scott LoBaido

The power of humor

Globalism in the film industry

What it takes to succeed in the film industry

Advice for any aspiring film maker


Connect with Chris Martini

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