Faith and Freedom in American Families with Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron became a household name and a teenage crush across America, back in the days before social media and endless streaming platforms drowned us all with entertainment options.

Today, Kirk is using the momentum and experience he gained from that time to fulfill his own calling. 

Kirk Cameron has stepped away from what Hollywood has become and is creating his own faith-based entertainment and education platforms.

From movies like Lifemark, which bring the beauty of things like adoption to the forefront, to his Homeschool Revolution documentary, to his faith-based children’s book, ‘As You Grow‘, which libraries are refusing to allow him to present a story hour for, Kirk Cameron is ceaseless in his commitment restore faith, hope, and family values in hearts and minds across America. 

kirk cameron as you grow book readings

In this brief but power-packed episodeKirk Cameron takes off at a gallop and never slows down as he speaks about his path, his family, his faith, and how all of those things tie into saving not just America, but humanity from forces of evil currently being deployed against us all. 

If you are like us, you are thirsty for any opportunity to flame the fans of hope and faith in your life. Kirk delivers that flame in this sizzling interview that has already become a fan favorite.

Here are a few topics we discussed with Kirk Cameron:

    •  Kirk’s new movie, Lifemark

    • Camp Firefly, the annual program he and his wife run, for terminally ill children and their families

    • Adoption and its beauty in his own family

    • Repairing a broken marriage

    • The self-fulfilling prophecy and its connection to the future of our country

    • The impact government has on education

    • What is more powerful than the power of evil

    • What we can do as individuals, to overcome the assault on goodness in the world


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kirk cameron as you grow book readings

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